For a life beside the system

My wife and me travel a lot, basically all over the world but mostly in Asia and South America. We met each other 2012 in the Himalaya but because I (Sam) am German and my wife Caterina from Chile we had to find a way to sustain our life together independent from the place we are. We both love traveling and took irrespective of each other the decision to leave our homeland for good to find the place our souls belong to.
On our journey we started getting interested in jewelry. First we just imported from some places until we got curious about how the pieces are made and where the limits in metal work are. We studied for some years traditional south american wire work and learned the art of soldering patiently taught by an indian goldsmith from the cast of jewelry makers in Rajasthan, north India.
With this knowledge it became possible for us to realize our concepts and creative ideas better and better. Since five years now we are selling on markets in Europe and Chile. With this shop we want to open to people all over the world. Jewelry is giving us the opportunity to live without being bound to a place, to work wherever we are and to experience happiness when our customers are satisfied with the work we do with love.
Every stone we use is unique and carefully selected as for us the history and origin of our working materials is very important. On our journey we didn´t miss many chances to learn more about semi precious and precious stones from vendors, specialists and people who simply love stones. Furthermore we believe in the spiritual properties of stones and are practicing healing work ourselves.

On the 23d of September 2015 our first child Noah was born. He is the biggest happiness we have ever known.
By buying our product you don´t only purchase unique handcrafted items but also support our family and nomad life.
Let your jewelry be a statement of your lifestyle.

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